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To Our Members - Welcome!

Please bear with us as we start up our new system...

If you have Renewed, Thank-You!

An Introduction to this new web site:

> The PRRT&HS has created this new web site to provide much better communications with our members, along with more web site content, to include much more future content about the PRR's history and equipment, and about modeling the PRR.

>Important - The Keystone will still arrive in the mail as it always has. The next issue for 2020 should arrive around New Years.

Renewal Update Letter shows an expiration date of 12/31/2020, but I renewed - what's up?

> The main purpose of the letter was to provide temporary login credentials to PRRT&HS members so they may log into their accounts.

> So even if you have renewed, you may receive this letter. If you renewed by mail, but the letter does not show you have renewed, do not be concerned. The process of Bulk mailing can take a while, so there is a very good chance that your check was not posted into the new system before we extracted the member status data from our database. So the expiration date in the letter may be incorrect. If you do log in to your account, you will be able to check your membership status on-line.

Please note that we really want members to log into their PRRT&HS accounts so we can better communicate with our members.

Communicating with our members by US mail has become even slower and more expensive. In addition to being able to communicate by e-mail (you do not HAVE to use e-mail, but it saves us money), by logging in to your on-line account, you will be able to obtain member discounts when you order books, back issues of The Keystone, and other items we may begin to offer.

> For members that we do not have an e-mail for, the letter will include temporary username and password.

> For members we do have an e-mail address for, the letter includes your temporary username. With that temporary username, and your first name as shown in the letter, you can use the password reset function to log into your member account.

Having Trouble Accessing the New Web Site? Free Tech Support is available!

Once you have a temporary username (In the Welcome e-mail or provided to you by Andy), Free Technical Support is available to our members to assist with signing up to the new system if you run into trouble. Call Club Express toll-free at 1-866-457-2582. Tell support you are a member of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, and provide them with your name, membership number and temporary username.

Is this for real? Who is Club Express? What about Privacy?

This web site has been created by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society. Club Express is a web service provider for many non-profit organizations, and they have implemented stringent processes to protect member data. They are compliant with the more challenging EU personal data protection requirements. While Club Express will have access to the member data in order to provide technical support to our members (web site, not PRR modeling ;-), they will not share this information with any other organization. PRRT&HS will not share your information with any other organization.


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